Beach Bombshell Campaign

The Beach Bombshell Campaign provides a magical, fantasy, magazine style photoshoot experience for local women. This year has been tough and this is my way of giving back to women community. This campaign is designed to empower and uplift women and help them reconnect with their beauty and feminine spirit. The inspiration for this campaign was back in March when the quarantine started. I was like many women: home all the time and in pajamas. As the days passed, I left more and more depressed. I avoided mirrors, did not put on make up, did not get dressed up, and of course did not go anywhere. One day, I decided to break out of my rut by giving myself a portrait session. As I staged the pool area for the shoot, my soul started stirring. My creative juices started flowing again. I picked out 3 outfits, did my hair and make up, and set up my camera on a tripod with a timer and a remote trigger. I started posing and losing myself in the moment. Suddenly, I was uplifted, empowered and beautiful. I found myself happy again.

I continued my "Self Portrait Sundays" for weeks. Every time I posted them, people loved the images. I found myself wanting the week to go by faster so I could have my portrait session. It was the main thing that gave me joy. Now that the lockdown is over, I decided to share this experience with other women. I chose to offer this glamorous magazine style photoshoot to a select few that apply. I will give these lucky women access to my studio wardrobe, a fully guided photoshoot on the beach, a reveal and ordering session and their own blog post here on my website.

Stay tuned for the beautiful beach bombshells that have experienced this special session and their blog posts that will inspire you!

Apply for the bBeach Bombshell Series while there is still space available! Send a message to or click on the link on the home page of this website.

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